Medical Image Viewer
Includes DICOM anonymizer. Can open DICOM/ACR/NEMA/PAPYRUS, Analyze, Nifti, and Raster images (jpg, tiff, gif, etc)
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Do you use MIView frequently, or feel it could be better? MIView is free to use, but you can help out by donating to help the development of MIView.

Donate $10 through PayPal:

You are welcome to contribute to the development of MIView to continually make it a better product! You can contribute in the following ways:

A lot of time has is expended to write MIView and any contribution toward its continued development is welcome. The program is not supported by any institution or grant, and has been developed solely by Greg Book. Monetary donations are very welcome, they help pay the developers time as well as the cost of maintaining this website. Hardware contributions, especially different types of video cards, would be extremely useful. As MIView uses more advanced rendering techniques using OpenGL shaders, the non standards-compliant nature of video cards becomes apparent. Currently MIView is developed and tested on an ATI X1300, an NVidia 8800GT, and occasionally on a mobile ATI Radeon 9700. Sometimes things work perfectly for one card, but not another. With the huge range of video cards in use by MIView users, bugs are bound to occur and having more cards available means more workarounds can be written to accommodate those cards.

Have a rendering method that you want to see in MIView? You are welcome to contribute the algorithm and have it integrated into MIView. Ideas for improving the program are always welcome. Users may have a need for functional imaging overlays, better 3D rendering methods, or other manipulation methods. If you want to see something added or if you already have a working addition, but want it added

Bug Testing / File Format Testing
MIView contains lots of bugs. If you see a bug, let me know! Currently DICOM, Analyze, and some raster formats are supported, but so many more medical image formats are in use in the world that cannot be read by MIView. If you have a special format that cannot be read, you are welcome to anonymize it and send to me for testing. Or if you have a format you want supported and have a library or algorithm to read it, you can send that as well.

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