Medical Image Viewer
Includes DICOM anonymizer. Can open DICOM/ACR/NEMA/PAPYRUS, Analyze, Nifti, and Raster images (jpg, tiff, gif, etc)
    System Requirements

Click each image for a larger view

Volume rendering view - with realtime colormap editor (0.6.371)

Improved color map editor - click and move position of colors in the map, change color by double clicking. Right click to add new color. (0.6.371)

Colormap editor - different view of the colormap editor (0.6.371)

DICOM Browser - recursively scan a directory for dicom files and group them by patient. (0.6.371)

Colormap selector in the mainframe - preview of the colormap, without alpha. (0.6.371)

Improved About dialog - with video card and OS information. (0.6.371)

Main window with toolbars and image overlay - v0.6 build 254

DICOM conversion utility. Conversion from DICOM and DICOM mosaic and Analyze 3D to raster, and Analyze 3D & 4D - v0.6 build 254

Anonymize utility - v0.6 build 254

Large image support. MIView can convert images of any size, but can only display images as large as the texture size limit of your video card (this radiograph is 1760x2140) - v0.6 build 254

Open file dialog with options for DICOM mosaic images and options to open single, multiple, or selected images - v0.6 build 254

About dialog with OpenGL information - v0.6 build 254

Full 24-bit color support. DICOM and raster images containing RGB values are displayed - v0.6 build 254

Orthogonal view - 4D Analyze data with timecourse - v0.6 build 254

June 2007 (v0.5.7b) - DICOM anonymizer dialog

June 2007 (v0.5.7b) - Tri-plane view with frames per second

June 2007 (v0.5.7b) - Maximum intensity projection

January 2007 (v0.5.1b) - Multi-slice view

June 2007 (v0.5.7b) - Orthogonal view of 4D Analyze data with timecourse

October 2006 (v0.5.1b) - Patient information tab

October 2006 (v0.5.1b) - Large Dicom image with Dicom tags

July 2006 (pre v0.5) - General view of the main window, with the image information window on top.

June 2006 (pre v0.5) - Full color Dicom and raster images. MIView also supports 8/16/32/64 bit (un)singed image types and reading of 32/64/128 bit floating point Nifti images.

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